About Fifth Grade

Welcome to the 5th Grade Team at P.S. 52.


    The team consists of Mrs. Arias, Ms. Kolm, Mrs. McDade, Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Roventini, Mrs. Sweeney, and Mr. Ungar.  Combined our team has about 125 years of teaching experience.  This year is our 5th year of departmentalizing where students switch classes for focused instruction in mathematics and ELA.  This model allows our students to gain a Middle School experience and begin learning how to transition from one class to another.  

     In ELA we are part of Teachers College Reading and Writing Project and implement their units of study.  The fifth grade team routinely engages in remote training and hopefully will return to on-site training as well as workshops at Teachers College in the future.  Our team currently boasts three Algebra for All trained teachers who integrate many Math tasks and routines with our current Eureka math program.  Another initiative this year is the use of technology in the classroom and at home.  

     The use of technology over the past year and a half has obviously become a huge part of our teaching and learning, not only for our fully remote students but for our blended students as well.  The team uses many various programs such as MyOn library, Imagine Learning, BrainPop, Learning Ally, Epic!, Zearn, and Imagine Math.  Not to mention other apps/programs used to further engage students and enhance instruction such as FlipGrid, Jam Board and others.  

    Our gifted and talented class engages yearly in enrichment activities and hopefully when in person learning begins again will resume activities such as a six-week program at the Environmental Center studying hydroponics/aquaponics.  In addition to the rigorous focus placed on academics in the grade, we are focused on the whole child, and with the support of the rest of the school community the students are exposed to a wide range of activities to help make them not only well rounded learners but well-rounded young adults.