All About First Grade

Welcome to First Grade!!!

We are super excited about teaching your children and watching them grow into these amazing readers, writers, mathematicians, and scientists! We love the enthusiasm that your children bring to each one of our classrooms. It's nice to watch the bonds that form between the students, as well as, with us teachers.

This year your child will begin to build a more solid foundation of strategies and skills that will stay with them forever. They will build off of what they have already learned in previous years and add new skills and concepts to the ever growing list of things they can do. In the first grade we work on inference skills, understanding the main idea and supporting details. In writing we write personal narratives with more sentences, and research nonfiction topics we want to learn more about. The students will start reading harder books with more words on the page and smaller pictures. In math, we continue learning about adding and subtracting, we introduce the students to fractions and begin solving word problems. In social studies the children learn about communities around the world and map skills. They will continue to grow emotionally and socially into brilliant, kind, and loving children.

We look forward to continuing to watch your child move mountains!