About Fourth Grade

Welcome to 4th grade!

This year we will be covering many different topics across all subject areas. Students are expected to read various non-fiction and fiction books to broaden their knowledge as readers. As 4th graders, students are expected to write intelligibly across opinion, narrative, and informational writing. In science students learn more about the weather and how that affects the world around them. Social studies is solely based on the history of New York State which is heavily weighted in our reading and writing curriculum. Lastly, in math, kids learn place value understanding, they dig deeper into the meaning of fractions, and multiplication/division of multi-digit numbers. All these subjects are included to make a well balanced student.


We, as the fourth grade team, believe that all students can achieve greatness with hard work and dedication. Parent involvement is highly encouraged throughout the year and greatly appreciated. In order to achieve such goals and expectations, the fourth grade team works very closely together to share and develop best practices to support and enrich the lives of the students. Thus, we look forward to a wonderful year.